Francisco Da Costa
        We have seen in recent years horrors—some natural and others man made—that have challenged us to reflect but more to ponder the stupidity of human kind and our doings that defy norms and more civilization. (more)

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Here in San Francisco we pride ourselves that we are the City that knows how. We will try to address issues pertinent to our times and focus of Quality of Life issues. We will do this by going to City Hall and speaking out and also by posting relevant articles on this web site. We will stand by our youth and do all in our power to reduce crime and violence. We will work both with the Executive Branch and the Legislative Branch to make good stuff happen.

Black Leaders in the Bayview Fallen in Disgrace (8/20/07)

San Quentin Correctional Facility and Reality (7/27/07)

Good Riddance of Very Bad Rubbish - Marcia Rosen Resigns (7/23/07)

Ongoing Heist at Mission Bay in San Francisco (7/9/07)

No Hope for Poor with Housing and Mayor Newsom (6/17/07)

The Movement to Drive Lennar BVHP LLC Out of Our Community (6/17/07)

Aboriginals in Australia (5/11/07)

Three Shootings Too Many (5/11/07)

SF Organizations Beg For Breadcrumbs Before the BOS (5/10/07)

The Cultural Divide: Gangs, Killings and Shootings (4/29/07)

(more Op-Ed)


The City and County of San Francisco turned the other way while PG&E milked the poor and controlled most of the power grid. They do that even today. The rich and the powerful and the greedy! Hunters Point where PG&E have an old plant built in the 1920's is one of the oldest in California. It still spews energy and while it does it also pollutes the air, the water and the land.

Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (8/12/07)

July 31 Hearing Before the BOS at SF City Hall (8/4/07)

Historic Land Use Hearing (7/9/07)

The Mostly Black Sellouts in Bayview Hunters Point (7/7/07)

Thugs Work With Developer to Intimidate Innocent Folks (6/29/07)

Save the Family Day (6/24/07)

Many Sell Outs in the Bayview Hunters Point (5/9/07)

Trans Bay Cable Project (4/28/07)

Bring Back the Muni 15-Third (4/14/07)

(more Bayview Hunters Point)


San Bruno Festival (10/1/06)

Dead Trees on San Bruno (9/14/06)

Trees on San Bruno Avenue in San Francisco (7/17/06)

11th Annual Junior Solar Sprint Challenge (5/28/06)

Portola District Neighborhood Map

Letter from the Department of Elections

Businesses on San Bruno Avenue

Since the early 1960's I have been fighting for Environmental causes. Of course back then no one called them Environmental Causes - you fought to keep the rivers clean, the air clean, the beach clean - you kind of knew what was good and what was not good. You banded with friends to make good stuff happen. It was a good feeling. (more)

Interview with Francisco da Costa about Yosemite Slough (8/14/07)

Blatant Bombardment of Asbestos on Parcel A (8/6/07)

Fact Sheet About Parcel A and Dust Control Ploys (6/29/07)

Too Many Youth Die on Our Streets in San Francisco (6/18/07)

The Impending Drought and SFPUC Lackluster Leadership (4/25/07)

Our Earth and its Future

Bring Our Troop Home Now

(more Environmental Justice Advocacy)


All over the world the lay person is asking one question - how can I be safe? How can I exercise my freedom? How can I be free? After September 11, 2001 - we all CANNOT take our freedom for granted.

As the days lead to weeks and weeks into months and months to years - we can only hope. The human being is a very complex being. We human would like to have everything on a platter. A bed of roses. The future is bright - but it will demand innovative thinking.

"Epiphany - Blossoms of Hope" will reveal a series of articles. We hope it will inspire all women and men of good faith to view our Earth from a unique perspective. A perspective that will lead to making good stuff happen.

Aloha Festival - 2007 (8/4/07)

Vallejo Inter-Tribal Council 12th Annual Pow Wow (7/30/07)

Brown Bombers Fourth Annual Family Event (7/22/07)

Some Black Leaders - Total Sellouts in the Bayview (7/20/07)

Bayview Hunters Point in 2007 (7/4/07)

Great Ocean Road - My Trip Down Under (5/28/07)

Family Reunion Down Under (5/18/07)

This Nation Has Adversely Impacted Thousands in Iraq (5/3/07)

Immigrants Without Papers in San Francisco - Stay Here (5/1/07)

Han Hing Herbs Company (4/29/07)

(more Blossoms of Hope)


I had the opportunity to talk to some Middle School children from E.R. Taylor School situated in the Portola District. I spoke to them about the San Francisco Port Authority and the Park they had come to visit. The Park has been named the Muwekma Ohlone Park.

Small Park Represented Big Dreams

The Death of Muwekma Ohlone Park

Muwekma Ohlone Park 2005
photos #1 photos #2

Link to MP3

Link to "Urban Oasis Garden in Legal Limbo"

Link to "Urban Paradise Lost"

Link to "Citizen Park Patrol"

The Last Frontier

Bridge Update

(more Muwekma Ohlone Park)


I was born in Nairobi, Kenya and I am always very proud that I was born in Africa. As soon as this idea of having a summit was brought to my attention, I did everything possible to make this summit a success in the Bay Area.

Darfur Genocide (9/18/06)

African American History

Kenyan Nomads are Perfect for Anthropology

First African Rulers (In the Years of Independence)

Link to "Federal Government Settles With African Refugee"

Link to "Stunning Fossil Find Supports Out-of-Africa Theory"

Museum of the African Diaspora

Link to The Goan Voice

Link to NRI Goa Facilitation Centre

Link to "Cave's Treasure Could Mean Human Culture Began in Africa"

Link to Blombo's Cave Project

(more Africa)


Muwekma Ohlone Website

History of the Ohlone

Protect Medicine Lake (4/6/07)

Protect Sacred Sites

Sacred Shellmounds (3/30/07)

The Muwekma Ohlone

San Francisco Peaks - A Victory

The Healing Poles

Shellmound Peacewalk 2006

Save the Peaks Movie

San Francisco Peaks (9/15/06)

Aloha Festival 2006 (8/11/06)

Sacred Sites in California (6/10/06)

California Sacred Sites (PDF) (6/8/06)

International Indian Treaty Council

Native American Nations

Sacred Sites Visited and Alcatraz Gathering

Epic Shellmound Peace Walk

Native Americana at Auction

The Urban Gamble

Federally Recognized Native American Tribes

The Muwekma Ohlone Tribe: Perspective

Sacred Burial Grounds — Shellmounds

Maori Art Exhibit Opens in San Francisco

California Indians and Genocide

Link to "Revival of the Muwekma Ohlone Language"

Link to "Composition of the Costanoan Tribes"

Link to "World Class Native American Museum"

Link to "Tribes Win Trinity Flow Fight"

Link to Hopi Prophesies

Major Indian Burial Site Uncovered at Lafayette Development

(more First People)


We are here on this earth for a limited time and all of us human beings have just one chance to live a full life and make sense of our existence. The least we can do is respect Mother Earth. It is important that we take care of our Earth and leave it a better place for those that will live on this Earth long after we have left it.

State a Leader in Curtailing Flow of Waste

Recycling Christmas

Norcal Waste Systems and Recycling in San Francisco

San Francisco and Waste Management

Little Waste

Earth Day

Link to "S.F. Turns Greener"


Bay Area Tops State in Concern for Earth

Waste Management & Art

Link to "Recycling: Now More Than Ever"


Former San Francisco Mayor
Willie Brown

The African American community has always been strong and contributed to the growth and culture of our city. Now at last we are witnessing the creation of an African American cultural institution in the Yerba Buena district of downtown San Francisco.

Black History Month 2007 (2/20/07)

Juneteenth 2006 (6/26/06)

Black History Month 2005

Black History Month 2004

Link to "History Takes Second Look at Black Panthers"

Mabel Teng and Black History Month

Presidio of San Francisco Officers Club

Captain Michael Healy

Presidio Celebration Photos

(more African American Cultural Heritage)


Evergreen plantation has over twenty-five slave houses neatly built in a row. Neatly planted are the famous Evergreen Oaks with their hanging Spanish Moss. Most of the slave houses or quarters are being rehabilitated today. We were given the opportunity to enter one and take photographs. (article; photos.)


Link to "Thousands Online For Slave Data"

L:ink to "Californians to Get Look Back at Slavery"



The Committee

A Permanent Museum

Light at the End of the Tunnel


Buffalo Soldiers and the Indian Wars

Buffalo Soldiers Cemetary, Presidio of San Francisco

Buffalo Soldiers in the Philippines

Black Jack Pershing

Italian Town Honors Black GI's

When the West Was Black: Cowboys Lament Loss of Rodeo

(more Buffalo Soldiers)


Presidio Backgrounder

Construction Underway on Fort Baker Lodge, Retreat Project

Presidio of San Francisco and the Nefarious Presidio Trust (12/24/06)

Merchant Seamen Cemetery at the Presidio (11/25/06)

* Photo Essay *

(More Presidio of San Francisco)

Presidio Resources

Link to Presidio Homepage

Link to Presidio Directory

Doyle Drive

An Open Letter


They Gather and Bark at Each Other

Link to Environmental and Design Study

Centennial Year

NPS Accepts Early Outs and Fails in its Mission

The Bay Area Thousands of Years Ago

Crissy Field No Garbage Dump When the Ohlone Reigned Supreme

Letter from Coalition of Concerned NPS Retirees
(Adobe Reader Format)

Link to Privitization Political Cartoon By Mark Fiore

Link to "Archaeologists' Jobs on Budget Block at NPS"


East Fort Baker

Link to Golden Gate Bridge and Fort Baker

Link to "Vets at War Over S.F. Monument"

Link to "Parks Chief Calls It Quits"

Crissy Field

Link to "National Parks Caught in Web"

No Internet

Link to the Past

Museum of the City

San Francisco

California Missions

Link to "Rescue Mission"

Tonu Shane Eagleton

Tiki Master

Link to "Port Chicago Explosion Still Echoes 60 Years Later"

(Port Chicago.)

Tonu Shane Eagleton Homepage

Shane Eagleton Bio

First Peoples' Childrens Healing Pole

Shane's Healing Poles at SulliStudios




The Death of Goa

Photos From a School at Mapusa


Bechtel's Bolivian Debacle

Link to Contract on LIfe of Dog Case Prosecutor
(I know Kerry Tremain who wrote the orginal article in San Francisco Magazine.)


Link to Anova

For Children

Link to "700 Great Sites"


60 Years — D-Day

Sixth U.S. Army

Sixth U.S. Army, the Presidio, and Korean War, 1946-1980
(Adobe Reader Format)

Photograph of Commemorative Marker

More Sixth U.S. Army Photographs




My sister Eualalia and niece Jacqueline

Eualalia Martins

Libania De Souza





Open Your Eyes

Spiritual Sustainability




Memorial Day 2000


Family Reunion


Espanola Jackson


Shellmound Conference:

- 5000 Years of History -

by James Carter

Diversity in the NPS

The Presidential Debacle

Link to "Nobody Knows"

Vision Taking Shape

Vision Beyond



James Brown

Natasha Saelua

Giovanni the Kind Shoemaker


Shellmound Peacewalk

Andrew Bozeman

Creative Powers

El Polin Spring

First People

Humming Birds

John Denver

Joel Skidmore

Lonely Nights

Monica Wadsworth

Nelson Mandela

Shane Eagleton