Touched Up 900 Innes Shack.


What is it that Sophie Maxwell wants from Joe Cassidy?

Sophie Maxwell went out of her way to sit down with Joe Cassidy to try to convince him that 900 Innes is a Historic Building and should be a Landmark building. This statement could not be further from the TRUTH - something Sophie Maxwell will never, ever understand.

Joe Cassidy told Sophie Maxwell to go take a hike.

Some two years plus ago - I was at the Board of Supervisors when Sophie Maxwell, the inept, ignorant, and very arrogant District 10 Supervisor introduced a Resolution is which she stated that the small outhouse situated on 900 Innes Street in the Bayview Hunters Point was a school. She went on to state in her Resolution that it was indeed the first school at Hunters Point and a historic building and school. I was shocked.

The Board of Supervisors thinking that it really was all agreed and the Resolution was passed. A few days later Sophie Maxwell found out that her Resolution had no merit at all - the so called facts in her Resolution was not true and a fabrication of some one's imagination.

Sophie cannot face the truth. So, over night she worked with some Whites mostly gay and started making vague statements that 900 Innes was a Shipwright's House and indeed a landmark. Now, anyone in their right mind should wonder why is Sophie Maxwell so adamant to anoint this outhouse and make it a landmark?

The reason is simple. Sophie Maxwell has a vendetta against Joe Cassidy who is associated with the Residential Builders Association and owns the property where he stores some heavy duty equipment. Sophie and her lesbian friends want to take over this property to use it as Open Space - never mind that the property is private and this is the United States of America and constituents have property rights. We do have a Landmarks Committee in San Francisco. In San Francisco we do not have a through inventory of historic homes and facilities. Only in recent months has there been talk to take inventory. In the Bayview there are many good homes and facilities and many of them deserve the Landmark Status. I can tell you the 900 Innes outhouse is not one of them. It is a shack more an outhouse.

Since, I was familiar with the property - I went out of my way to inspect the 900 Innes outhouse - or an inferior shack at best. I worked for the National Park Service and understand the Secretary of Interior's Standards pertaining to Historic Buildings and Facilities. At the Presidio of San Francisco we have many historic homes and facilities and I am very familiar with such historic features and buildings.

On entering the property I entered the shack and was shocked that this shack did not have a sound foundation. In fact it had a dirt floor, covered by some rotten planks of plywood and not becoming the work on any qualified Shipwright that built good ships and knew the art of working with wood and materials to create sound foundations.

I inspected the wooden structure and the frames were weak and had beams and wood a mismatch that was not becoming of the well known Shipwrights that did things right and would not use such inferior building practices to build any wooden structure be it a ship or a house.

The stairs were inferior, badly built and very unstable. I have visited many old ships and we still have a few in San Francisco by the Maritime Museum. This outhouse was a shack ­ and could have been inhabited by some persons but it is a shack and will remain a shack. It is a shack that was built with no intention to be permanent and as I said a mismatch of wooden beams, poor foundation, a structure that no Shipwright would attest his name to.

Perhaps the only feature and structure that is worth noting is the façade of the shack. This façade could have been removed from some other structure and placed in front of this shack. I say that because the other parts of the structure and beams seem to suggest that this shack was put together rather hastily and without much care to be a sound and permanent structure. I was once at the Landmark Committee meeting some two years ago to talk about the present Westfield Complex and the old Emporium and the famous dome that was adversely impacted by the developers. It was at this meeting I first heard about the 900 Innes shack. I was familiar with it because I frequented the area and would often visit some artist friends the area. Several friends lived in the near by homes and there were the two elderly brothers that did some ship repairs until a few years ago, near by the 900 Innes property that I visited.

Sophie Maxwell is ignorant as was proved with her Resolution linked to the 900 Innes Shack when she termed it a Historic School and the first one at Hunters Point. As you all know this was not true so she had to find another source to make her point.

Over night the once Hunters Point School becomes a Shipwright home. This could not be further from the truth.

Some members of the Planning Commission have visited the once blue Shack at least it was blue when I last saw it - and they can testify and have testified that this 900 Innes Shack is what it is - a shack.

Why is it that the neighbors and the many that live in near by Public Housing have no desire to saving this once crack outhouse and crumbling outhouse? There was nothing worth while around this crumbling house before Joe Cassidy bought this property not so much for this shack but to store some heavy equipment that he uses as part of his demolition projects. The property is by the Bay and close to the Hunters Point Power Plant that was deactivated some months ago.

I am fed up - that recently, the same lesbians all of them are now again before the Land Use and Economic Committee with the same old rubbish. We have serious issues that this Land use committee can and should resolve but here they are again trying to declare the old shack a Landmark.

Now, they want the SF Planning Commission to declare any such request for Landmark status brought about by folks such as Sophie Maxwell addressed within a short period of time. This will never, ever happen. The SF Planning Commission will not allow the dumb, inept, ignorant Sophie Maxwell to shove anything down the throat of the SF Planning Commission. In cases - such as the 900 Innes Street ­ proper and lengthy investigation has brought about sound adjudication.

As for Joe Cassidy he should take this matter to court and I hope the few White Lesbians learn a good lesson once and for all. It is amazing to find some Whites that have just moved into the community - now trying to steal property using Landmark Status and Eminent Domain to take over private property.

Now, is the time to adjudicate this case once and for all? We all thought this plague of a case had passed and that we would not have to deal with this nonsense issue. However, for some strange reason this case defies reason and shows how stupid the District 10 Representative is. As I said this time around the White Lesbians will be trashed in court ­ once and for all.

The 900 Innes Shack is a shack and bears no mark or does it has the bearing, structure, or foundation to be a Historic Building.

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